I am Sahsha Campbell-Garbutt


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Redesign Your DNA Through a Plant Based Lifestyle™️  

My mission is to guide you in becoming wise in transcending consciousness holistically. You will get uncomfortable and you will make others the same, but through this process you will become confident in your own intrinsic wisdom to go naturally beyond your current state of self awareness, so that you can accept how great you are and how magical your life can be. 

Whether you listen to or attend my talks, reap the benefits from Life and Light Herbs,read my book or participate in one of my guidance sessions, I trust that the aftermath will result in you possessing the courage to release or upgrade the existing perception of yourself and your health in order to RADIATE and manifest that which you are: Love...in every aspect of your life. 

Life and Light Lessons


The Internal Body Detox is a full body cleansing program designed to restore the body back to optimum health and well-being.

Redesign Your DNA Through a Plant Based Lifestyle™️

Discipline. Nature. Application.


"The Well: Where Fitness Begins From Within"

A Groundbreaking Intrinsic Wellness Guide by Coach, Author, and Plant-Based Advocate Sahsha Campbell-Garbutt.